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Whatsapp Aero

Whatsapp Aero – Not the only WA application that is modified, but WhatsApp Aero is worth reckoning. The features provided are quite complete, there are even some that do not have other WA Mod applications.

As you know, there are currently many modified WhatsApp applications. The main goal is to provide features that are not owned by the original version. However, you can use it for free without having to buy it.

For this matter is actually the same because even the original version of WA does not need to buy it. Even if there is, the most to buy premium features from Whastapp Business. Basically, the WA feature is classified as complete and even exceeding its competitors.

As the most widely used online message application, it is natural if many features are owned. Keep in mind, WA has several competitors from the type of application, such as Skype and Telegram.

Everything includes an online message application with their respective advantages. Call it for telegrams that can be used as a chat media to find new acquaintances. While Skype is superior to its video call and is widely used in office areas.

For WhatsApp or WA itself has the advantage of the features provided. Besides being able to send text messages, users can also send video or photo messages. WA can also be used for single and group video calls called Conference.

What is wa aero

As mentioned earlier, that WhatsApp Mod is a WhatsApp application that has been modified by a third party. So that the application is unofficial or illegal. This makes WA Mod superior to many features compared to official WA.

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One of them is WhatsApp Aero which is used by many people. This application has many unique and interesting features in it. So you are not bored with monotonous applications and just like that.

The appearance of Wa Aero is indeed very interesting with a modern concept. This makes users comfortable in chatting or communicating. Indeed, the features provided by WA Aero are not much different compared to other WA MODs. However, there are quite a number of features that distinguish between one another.

In addition to an attractive appearance, no less important is the performance of the application. When you use this application, guaranteed not to experience lag, traffic jam, or for close. So, you can still use the application stable.

Interestingly again is, you will get features that are not in the official version of WA. One of them is when you send files, but limited to size. This does not happen to Wa Aero, because you can send files in large quantities with large sizes.

Basically, you will find many and interesting features, which you didn’t find in the official version before. So, you can communicate freely and comfortably.

Whatsapp Aero Review

Maybe there are questions in your mind, then what’s the difference between WhatsApp obtained from Playstore with WhatsApp Aero? Only one distinguishes, but covers all things in it. Wa Aero is an application that has been modified by a third party.

Modifications made include many things, especially in the features. Because of the third party, it means that this application is said to be illegal. With this illegal status there may be risks that must be borne.

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The most common risk experienced is banned from the original developer. WhatsApp LLC itself as the official developer has issued a statement that anyone who uses applications outside of their version, then the sanctions are permanent banned.

The next risk is the security of the device used. Because the Whatsapp Aero APK file is not protected as is the case in Playstore. So there is a possibility that there is a virus or malware in it that can steal any data on the cellphone.

However, in reality this risk is not too frightening for those who intend to use it. Because the features provided are very tempting. Anyone is certainly interested in these features.

WhatsApp Aero feature

To be clearer about the WhatsApp Aero feature, we provide information in this special chapter. In your opinion, is the following features comparable to the risk of banned and the entry of viruses that might occur?

Privacy feature

Almost similar to other WA Mod applications, such as GB WhatsApp or others, this time also has more complete privacy than the original version. Some privacy features cannot even be obtained from the original version, here is an example!

  • Hide online status.
  • Messages sent to friends cannot be continued.
  • Determine anyone who can contact, and anyone who can’t.
  • Invisible if you see contact status or friends.
  • Eliminating two blue checks, which is a message sign that has been read.
  • Online contact display even though it does not open the intended contact.
  • Typing status is not visible if you are replying to a message.
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Security features

The next WhatsApp Aero Mod feature in terms of guaranteed security. This application is able to lock WA directly from the settings menu, meaning, you don’t need to use a third -party application or features of the HP device.

In addition, you can also lock in one of the conversation messages that have been done before, so for the application as a whole can still be opened. Thus, your conversation is safe from friends who might be fad.

More complete themes

Another advantage of Wa Aero is the many choices of interesting themes. Surely you had thought that the theme of Whastapp by default was very monotonous and boring. The presence of this modification application brings fresh air for users who want to have a new look.

See the deleted message

WhatsApp Aero Pro has another advantage that is its superior, which has a restore feature. For those of you who often get messages shipments and deleted again before reading, this feature can help. Simply not a deleted message, then click Restore to return it.

Download WhatsApp Status

One more thing that should not be missed and become one of the advantages is to be able to download WhatsApp status. Surely you can’t do this right? WhatsApp business can not be downloaded by friends’ status on the grounds of privacy.

Other features

As mentioned earlier, Wa Aero has many features. This makes many people move, from the official version to the mod version. It is the feature that is the benchmark for the number of people to move. Therefore, you have to try it.

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Then, what are the features in question. Well below this is already available a summary of the features of the application, the following are:

  • There are many interesting themes,
  • Can send files in large quantities with large sizes,
  • Can see friends who are deleted,
  • Can download friends story,
  • There are a lot of cool fonts,
  • Anti -delete and draw messages,
  • Can send messages without saving numbers,
  • Can send messages with hidden numbers,
  • Guaranteed privacy arrangements,
  • Locking whatsapp chat,
  • Anti -banned,
  • There are many funny stickers and emojis,
  • And many more.

Download the latest whatsapp aero

Have you made a decision after listening to the features provided? Do you think the risk is comparable to the features you have? If so, then please download the latest version of WhatsApp Aero!

  • Whatsapp Aero name
  • Size 66 MB
  • New version version
  • Support Android 4.4+


Very cool not the features mentioned above? You can get all these features only from WhatsApp Aero and there are no additional applications. Even when you have downloaded and tried it, you will find more features.

Unlike the official version of the application, you will not be able to find this Wa Aero application on an official market, such as the Play Store or App Store. Because this application is classified as illegal or made by a third party. So, Carra to get it is different.

But you don’t need to be confused to find it. Because below are already available links for you, so you can use it directly. You just need to click the link above.

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How to install whatsapp aero on android

Previously, you must know that the modification application developed by Hazar Bozkurt can only be used on Android devices. Actually it is not too surprising when looking at the file name, namely APK.

For how to install it is different if you get the file directly from Playstore. Simply put when installing the application directly from Playstore. The difference is quite basic, namely from licensing. More, please follow how to install Whatsapp Aero on Android!

  • Open the settings menu.
  • Enter ‘advanced settings’.
  • Select ‘Security and Privacy’.
  • Slide the button next to the words ‘Unknown Source’.
  • Open ‘File Manager’.
  • Look for the WA Aero APK file.
  • Open the file, then select ‘install’.

How to update whatsapp aero

Although there is a risk of banned from the official developer, there are those who say that there is a solution to the problem. The solution in question is to always update the version following the official WA version.

Not all users know how, it might also include you. Therefore, you should refer to how to update WhatsApp Aero below because its function is very important!

  • Open the WA Mod application earlier.
  • Click the three vertical point icons.
  • Select the Settings menu.
  • Scroll slightly down and find the Aero upgrade option.
  • If there is a link or description of the update, please click.
  • Wait for the process to finish.

How to Update Wa Aero to the Latest Version

After you install the application, you are free to use it anytime and anywhere. But you need to know, that this application must be updated regularly. Because if not, then your account will return to normal or like a new account user.

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You certainly don’t happen, so you have to update in 2 ways. First, you delete the application and return to download the latest version. Second, you have to do a manual update without the need to download the application again. For this second way, below will be given a WhatsApp Aero update tutorial:

  • First, you make sure the internet connection is used smoothly and stable,
  • Then, you open and enter the WA Aero account,
  • If it’s already in it, you can directly click the option on the three -point icon sign menu at the top right of the screen,
  • Then you select the Settings/Settings option> and you click the WhatsApp Aero update option,
  • Here, you choose the option of renewal in a muscle,
  • Then, you just wait a few minutes until the latest version of the update process is complete,
  • Done.

How to use wa aero mods apk

Then in accordance with the discussion about Wa Aero, certainly not miss about how to use it. Actually, the use of the application is more or less the same as similar applications. However, when you are still unfamiliar and rarely know, therefore you must find out first before using it.

Basically, how to use the Wa Aero application is quite easy. It is more or less the same, but only there are some features that distinguish between one another. What are the ways to use the application, here are the ways:

  • First, you first open the browser application according to your wishes on the device,
  • Then, you enter the keyword whatsapp aero,
  • Then you can choose one of the many sites,
  • After that, you download the Wa Aero application first,
  • Then you install the application on your device,
  • Next enter the settings menu, find a security or private option,
  • Then give permission to the unknown source option or unknown source,
  • When finished, the application will be installed on your device,
  • Then you open the WA Aero application,
  • Next, you can log in using your own cellphone number,
  • Then if you want to log in using the old number, then you can restore chat chat to the wa aero application,
  • However, if you don’t want to restore chat or use a new number, you can pass this step,
  • Thus, you can use the application, you can use it,
  • Done.
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In display, more or less the same as applications in general. So, you don’t need to expect more with this application about the appearance. However, you can change the display freely using a number of features available.

Even some features in this Wa Aero application you can’t find in the usual version of the application. Very interesting isn’t it. So you have to try it using applications that are rich in this feature.

How to change the aero whatsapp theme

It was mentioned earlier that there are many choices of themes from the WA version of modification this time. Can you change the theme as you wish? If not, then please follow the following short tutorial!

  • Open the application.
  • Click three vertical points.
  • Select settings or settings.
  • Then select the theme option
  • There will be many choices of themes available.
  • Click one of the desired themes.
  • Wait for the download process to finish.
  • Press Apply for the last step.
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Is WhatsApp Aero safe banned?

The above has been explained that the Wa Aero application has better features compared to the official version of the application. This is because the application has been equipped with the latest and very sophisticated technology. The technology makes this application safe from the risk of being banned.

Thus, you don’t need to worry about the risk of getting banned. Because, the security of this application is good and there is protection from the application. This is evidenced by the developer who provides security guarantees.

One of them is a security feature that is equipped with end to end encryption. This is the same as the official version of WhatsApp application. So, this application is certain to be safe from the risks that threaten your account.

In addition, you don’t need to be afraid your account is banned. This is because the security of the application has better security compared to other modified version of WhatsApp applications. Therefore, rather than searching for unclear modification applications, you can use Wa Aero that is guaranteed safety.


Is it quite clear not the discussion about WhatsApp Aero above? Please use the application if you are interested and curious to prove your own features. A few tips, use the WA reserve number in anticipation of banned risk.