Super Factory Tycoon Mod APK 4.1.1 (Unlimited money)

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Download Super Factory Tycoon Game.png

Do you ever wonder what happens in a manufacturing plant where various raw materials are turned into classic finished products? Here is a simulation game that will offer you the prefect idea of flow of activities in factories. The super factory game offers players a chance to build and run their own factories. You will create a variety of mechanical equipment that you will use in your day-to-day operations. The gamer will become the manager of a manufacturing enterprise that produces food products.

Kwai Games Pte. Ltd, the developer of this game, ensured to include the best graphics that makes the entire set up of the production line realistic. At the beginning, you will need to install an automated cycle plus other machines, conveyors and manipulators that will make work easy. Do not forget to become crafty with perfect strategies that will maximize profit. You will need to come up with marketing campaigns to ensure you are selling as many products as possible. Also, you should come up with the best logistics system that will delivery your products to customers.

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Become an Industrial Tycoon

Super Factory Tycoon lets you build a factory and become the most popular industrialist with the largest food production plant. Initially, you will start with a very small factory with few machinery and workers. However, you will make it a mega factory with hard work and focus! Make your business grow by hiring more workers and buying more machines! Once you are able to produce more and make proportional more sales, you will make unlimited cash in the game! This way, you will upgrade machines, build more spaces and become a tycoon!

Run this factory like it was real to enjoy the engaging gameplay. Build a perfect production line of foods, transport products to consumers, and advertise and research for the best taste. With the exquisite 3D special effects and captivating scenes, you will be able to perform every operation with a single click of a button. As much as you can employ workers, always be there to run the show! Download this game now and enjoy making money as a factory owner.

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Super Factory Tycoon Features

Apart from the exciting production cycle that you must follow to the end, you will have more features that make this game interesting. Here are some of the most outstanding features!

Build Your Own Plant – Super Factory Tycoon lets you create your own food factory and start running it to make the world-renowned manufacturing plant. Enhance operations and make your business prosper. To make the production line effective, you need to obtain new production machines and employ more workers. This is a perfect simulation of factory production line, including fine details of falling, cutting, crushing, and so on.

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Hire Workers & Buy New Machines – as a boss, you should recruit employees to help in the routine operation of the factory. Don’t compromise operations of the plant by failing to recruit elites, training them to grow. Besides, don’t forget to protect their welfare too! Come up with the best strategy for incremental workshop and profit. Get the best machines that will not fail during production. If there is an advanced machine, don’t hesitate to acquire it with the in game money you have accumulated!

Unlimited Super Cash – after completion of every production cycle successfully, the player will get unlimited money. This money is important in hiring new employees as well as purchasing new manufacturing machines.

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Realistic Manufacturing Plant – there are life like production lines and machinery in this game. You will be able to control electric power, industrial technology, logistics, and even finance resources. Everything is so real and requires you managerial skills to handle this tiny world.

Exciting Graphics – the cool graphics of the game can’t go unnoticed. The entire game environment that involves a manufacturing plant is vividly brought out with stunning animations and colorful game items. With an optimized user interface, the game is also very easy to play.

Download Super Factory Tycoon Game Mod APK Latest Version – Unlimited Money

Download Super Factory Tycoon Mod APK now and play an amazing game that makes you a tycoon with the largest and most profitable factory. Earn unlimited money for every level completed successfully.

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