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Admin June 19, 2022
Updated 2022/06/19 at 9:51 AM
Stumble Guys Techbigs

Stumble Guys Techbigs – On this occasion we will review as detailed as possible about the Game Stumble Guys Techbigs both from the download link to the advantages to the shortcomings, just as complete as possible so that your curiosity to play this game is answered.

For gamers who always play the mod version or modification will certainly find out the latest updates from the latest stumble guys games, especially the mod version. Well, now comes with the most recent version that was just released this June, the Stumble Guys Techbigs version 0.38.

Surely there are also from friend gamers who do not know about the latest version of the above update, and now visiting this site from our, it is necessary to know this game is very exciting to play especially played with a crowded alias mabar. There is no harm in you trying a new version of Techbigs that appears as a pleasant competitive game when played.

A correct step if you want to try the Stumble Guys game with new modification versions generated from third parties, where you are currently on the website that will also provide the download link and you can find it in the discussion below.

For those who have played Stumble Guys from Kitka Games, they certainly understand how exciting to play this game with full challenges and can also invite laughter, but in terms of features and premium items every user must buy it or top up gems. This is one of the reasons why gamers switch more or less using the modification version, especially Dai Stumble Guys Techbigs version 0.38 MOD APK.

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Where every user is free to use all the items available, not enough there are many more advantages that are not yet in the original version. For more details, please refer to the explanation below, until it’s finished without having to jump to reading it.

Because in this article will be discussed in full regarding the Game Stumble Guys Beta Test Apk 0.38 and the MOD APK version, it is also important to know that the latest version has also been prepared by the Kitka Games so the difference is also here, there is also no download link that you can Take advantage, here is the discussion.

Review Stumble Guys Techbigs

Review of Stumble Guys Techbigs Mod Apk is one of the games played online has a battle genre by involving other players up to a maximum of 32 players in one arena. Of the 32 players not only consist of one country where all players can potentially play this game with foreign players, such as India, Malaysia, Singapore and so forth.

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This means that this game can be played in a crowded manner that involves players from any country, to get out as the winner you must be able to survive until the competition is finished where you should avoid the elimination rules for each match, and of course each level has a different level of difficulty .

Thus, this is a matter that is an attraction and every player will feel exciting when playing this game especially this is played online. Appears as a mod version or game modification developed by the developer and no less classy in the game world namely Kitka Games can immediately become color and give in playing it and excitement, of course also superior to the original version.

Where this third party succeeded in adding premium features that can be used by every player for free without having to spend a penny, not enough to be there this feature is certainly very helpful for every player to get out as the forefront.

For more details, please follow the discussion about the Stumble Guys Techbigs game below.

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feature of Stumble Guys Techbigs 0.38 Mod Apk 2022

It should be noted correctly and of course also as a note if the Game Stumble Guys Techbigs 0.38 Mod Apk which we are discussing is the result of the work of third parties who succeeded in modifying the original version that has been equipped with a variety of superior features and can be enjoyed by users for free without having to pay subscription fees.

Therefore, the following features are superior for you to enjoy and can be used for free, see the following:

Unlimited money
The main feature that you can enjoy is Unlimited Money means unlimited money. Of course the presence of this feature becomes a thing that is coveted by the users of the Stumble Guys game because with the unlimited money feature we don’t need to do the name Top Up to buy various paid items.

So that the players of this game can be more efficient without having to spend money, of course it can also make it easier for players to focus on the game

But with the emergence of this modification version become the answer to the deficiencies and complaints of the players who in the Stumble Guys Mod APK version have been equipped with unlimited token features and can be used without any restrictions.

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Unlock skin
Then there is the next advantage with the Unlock Skin feature which means that it is also free to choose the skin in the game, so the players no longer need to make purchases of items or once again top up.

Ad free
The presence of advertisements is a very annoying specter where its presence is very unwarken once that can make the motion of playing increasingly uncontrollably to have an impact on defeat, this is what happens a lot among gamers, but in this part is an advantage for game owners.

However, when you use the Stumble Guys Mod Apk version there is no ad that will appear and you are more cool to play the game without any advertisement disorders that suddenly appear on the surface of your cellphone screen.

Unlock All Character
This feature is the last feature to be enjoyed by its users, where the Stumble Guys Mod APK players will be presented with various characters who are free to choose and so many choices are in it. Every player is released to choose it means that in a day there is no limit to changing the character and most importantly it is free for you to use.

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This means that the presence of this feature can also increasingly give color to each person so that it can add more love with the game Stumble Guys Mod Apk.

Comparison of Stumble Guys Techbigs Mod with the original version

It is undeniable if each application version results from the modification will have the Qibla from the original application which is a picture so that third parties can create new things by inserting various kinds of superior items.

From this we will present a comparison when you use Stumble Guys Mod Apk with the original version. In the following, we summarize the information of several trusted sources produced as in the table below.

Stumble guys techbigs mod apk stumble guys original

Equipped with unlimited money features, so players do not need to top up money difficult to obtain and are very limited when they want to use it

  • Nothing open skin is locked and free to use it, whenever and wherever it is, of course this is also free, there is still a locked skin if you want to open it need to buy it, if there is no token you can buy by top up
  • Free advertisements will not appear when you play this game, until finally the concentration is more and more visible advertisements appear suddenly when they are cool playing the game, even when you want to play also sometimes appear
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From the results of a third party modification, which means limited to licensing documents, it can be said that the original illegal application means this is official and can be downloaded on the Google Play Store

Link Dwonload Game Stumble Guys Techbigs Mod Apk

After you see a variety of features and advantages of each version and there is a passion to play it in the near future you can take advantage of the link below.

Before downloading it, it is important to know if the game version of the Stumble Guys Techbigs Mod APK is the work of a third party which is still classified as illegal. Of course there will be an impact that can approach you its users.

Like what the impact, the first obviously will be detrimental to the main developer, then prone to viruses that live on your cellphone until finally attacking several other applications and your cellphone performance is getting slow even to death.

Not quite up that the account can also be kebanned if one day the developer knows your activities, the last thing that is most warned is the personal data that can be misused by irresponsible persons.

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Therefore we recommend that you use the original version of me, it is guaranteed to be safety and also comfort, it is also not separated from the excitement in playing that will not be cool.

However, if you have considered carefully and want to try the Stumble Guys Techbigs Mod APK version, you can take advantage of the following link.

But consider the following specifications table so that there is no miss, where when the download is complete it turns out that your cellphone does not support. Let’s see the following.

  • The name of the game stumble guys techbigs mod apk
  • Latest version v.0.38
  • 120 MB file capacity
  • Support Android OS 5.1 and above
  • The number of downloads 10 million+

Download Stumble guys mod

How to install stumble guys techbigs mod apk

At the time of the download you will be faced with one problem where when finished why can’t it be installed immediately as when downloaded on Google Playstore? This is because this is an application made by a third party that still does not have an official document, aka illegal, which finally when you want to install it requires a few steps to complete the installation process.

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For those who are familiar with the MOD application, we are sure that we already understand how to install this application. Therefore we invite to be installed directly and play it, but for beginners and still cannot be able to follow the tutorial below.

The main thing to consider is to make sure you download with the links that are available in the table above
Make sure the file has been downloaded as a whole by checking in the file manager right on the download folder.

  • If you have already returned to the settings or settings on the smartphone that is owned
  • Then please find a security and privacy menu
  • Then allow the source to be unknown
  • When all that has been done, please return to the file downloaded Stumble Guys Techbigs Mod Apk application file
  • When you meet, just click once to run the install process and wait for it to finish
  • Finis you can play right now


Thus the review of the Stumble Guys Techbigs Mod Apk hopefully can meet us again.