Smash Colors 3D Mod APK 1.0.33 (Unlock All Songs)

Admin July 8, 2022
Updated 2022/07/08 at 6:44 PM
Download Smash Colors 3d Swing Amp Dash.png
Download Smash Colors 3d Swing Amp Dash.png

Do you like playing music games on your mobile device? Here’s a new one for you to download. Smash Colors 3D is a music game from Badsnowball Limited, and it’s available for mobile devices. Smash Colors 3D is one of the popular games on Google Play Store. It has recorded over 5 million installs and reviews from players across the world.

One thing I like about the game is that it is easy to play. All you have to do is drag and move your fingers. The aim is to smash into the cycles as you keep your pace and maintain the rhythm. This sounds easy, but you’d find out that it’s super challenging. The game gets harder as you progress, and this will get you addicted.

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There are so many cool things about this game, and you’d find out in this article. However, you need to download it if you want to know everything it offers. Smash Colors 3D won’t disappoint you; hence, you should download it without thinking twice.

Here are some reasons why you should download it:

Easy to Play

  • There are different cycles, and you are to crash these circles with the ball.
  • It is important to avoid colors that are different
  • Hit all your target and to not miss any circle
  • Play with the rhythm as you complete the addictive challenges in the game
  • Use your perfect combos to impress your friends
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Features of the Game

  • Simple and intuitive controls for users to experience.
  • Different songs, all of which are satisfying and interesting. You’d find over 100 songs in this game
  • Divers items and scenes to choose

The main thing is that your ball will smash through circles that block its way. However, you must not hit circles with different colors. It’d be game over for you if this happens, and your ball will destroy. You’d have to start all over again if this happens.

This is a game for music lovers. Do not hesitate to install it on your mobile device. Download Smash Colors 3D now to enjoy the beautiful colors and super-cool sounds it offers.

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Smash Colors 3D Mod Apk Free Download

Download Smash Colors 3D mod apk for free on your mobile device to get the bet. Play this game to enjoy the enhanced features and improvements it provides. It is readily available for download on different Android devices.

Smash Colors 3D mod apk is for you, and you should download it now.


Download the latest version of Smash Colors 3D to smash into circles of the same color.