Slime Isekai Memories Mod APK 1.2.30 (Mod menu)

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Welcome to an epic Role Playing Game where you will play with many in-game heroes. According to the info on the game’s official website, ISEKAI Memories storyline will follow Rimuru as he encounters Veldora the storm dragon, and the goblin tribe. New quests and characters in this awesome game by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. will be included in the game to make it exceptional and enjoyable. There are two seasons of anime! Therefore, the ISEKAI Memories has tons of characters and in-game items to choose from.

The gameplay covered by ISKAI Memories includes combat in the RPG tradition, city building, and more. Isekai Rimuru has to build a nation in his new world and develop long-lasting friendships and alliances. In Rimuru’s city, players will be able to build new structures, expand into towns and cities, expand from villages to towns to cities, and increase food production. All this will be possible by using gold coins.

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Exciting Battle & Construction Systems

Without a doubt, that time i got reincarnated as a SLIME ISEKAI Memories spec is an RPG that offers turn-based battles and good anime-style graphics. The gamer will need to control the characters and game elements in overcoming enemies. There will be various levels where you will need to use strategic moves. There are so many possibilities in this game including overseeing the construction of a settlement, starting from a rural and medieval setup and ending up in a modern-like city.

You will enter into a world similar to that in That Time I Got Reincarnated game like a Slime in the latest 3D battle Role Playing Game! Here, you will not miss a fascinating and new adventure, which comes with your favorite characters including Rimuru, Gobta, Great Sage, Shion, Gabiru, Benimaru, Shuna, and more. You will be introduced in this game to more characters.

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Features of SLIME ISEKAI Memories Mod APK

This is an exciting RPG game for those who love playing anime games. Some interesting features make it unique and attractive.

Exciting 3D Battle RPG – the SLIME ISEKAI Memories games provide multiple kinds of adventures and levels. Here, you are supposed to take part in battles and use the powers of various characters to eliminate your enemies. That implies that you should know your character in and out and the many missions from the start of the game. It will become easy for you to play and enjoy!

Players can become friends with many original Slime characters and ISEKAI Memories characters. They can give them gifts to improve Rimuru’s relationships with other characters. Other benefits of enhancing these relationships include enhancing the other party’s combat skills and luring them to be more loyal to Rimuru.

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Many Characters – in this exciting new adventure, you will meet many characters including Rimuru, Gobta, Great Sage, Benimaru, Shuna, and many more of your favorite characters from the series! Meet more characters like Shinsha, a mysterious girl who claims to be Rimuru’s daughter. She is related to Izis, the witch of the mirror land!

There are also alternative universe versions of characters such as Gabiru, who ascended to Lizardman’s throne in mirror land. On the other hand, you will meet Shion, who changed after absorbing her fallen comrades’ souls. With this variety of characters, you won’t find the thrilling stories they offer anywhere else!

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Upgrade Character Skills – this game offers you a chance to own different characters whose skills you can improve. This game comes with a simple command system from where you will get guidance and easily finish missions. Therefore, follow the instructions carefully, keep on upgrading character skills, and complete all the game levels. Luckily, you will get some amazing rewards for every level successfully completed. 

Build Your Own Unique City – build all kinds of buildings and facilities and place them in the vast game environment. For instance, you can build your citizens’ homes, blacksmith shops, restaurants, laboratories, and magic-enhancing facilities. If you want to get a glimpse of the daily lives of the citizens, walk through the town you have built at your own time! To create your ideal version of Tempest City, utilize the Nation Building System!

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Command-Based 3D Battle System – the Magic Kingdom Federation, the most advanced 3D animation rendering technology, presents to the gamer’s eye a very immersive battle system. Courtesy of the 3D battle system, players can now summon monsters, collect basic characters, and make a powerful monster battle lineup. Besides, this game also features a unique “Vihar” system that lets you develop your own Remuru!

Simple Game Controls – the game controls here are very simple. Just choose the cards for your hand. As you learn to utilize the abilities resulting from your original work, you will also enjoy deep strategic gameplay! If the gameplay proves hard, don’t hesitate to watch dazzling animations and learn how to use various finishing moves that will make you feel part of the anime!

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Cool Music Tracks – be stimulated by a theme song and animated openings as you launch the game! Throughout the gameplay, you will also listen to Takuma Terashima’s “Phantom Lights” for the theme song.

Download SLIME ISEKAI Memories Mod APK – Unlimited money

With the SLIME ISEKAI Memories unexpected error, you will earn unlimited money and be able to do lots of things. Unlock various in-game items with your accumulated gold coins!