What is SEO on Page and SEO Off Page? Get to know the difference here

Admin June 18, 2022
Updated 2022/06/18 at 12:57 PM
SEO on Page and SEO Off Page

Blogger or website owner is certainly familiar with the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There are two types of SEO that are usually used to optimize the intended results, namely SEO on Page and SEO Off Page.

Everyone certainly wants the website to be ranked at the top of the Google page. Because, it can increase website traffic, brand awareness, and increase sales.

Well, what exactly is the meaning of the two types of SEO and what is the difference? Take it easy, the following Glints will explain it to you.

What is SEO on Page and SEO Off Page?

We know that the main purpose of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is actually an effort made to place our website in the top position or also on the first page on a search engine, using keywords that have been targeted. Logically, if a website is in the top position of search engines, then automatically the site has a greater opportunity to get more visitors.

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There are 2 types of SEO techniques that we will discuss in this article, namely SEO On Page and Off Page. In this article we will also discuss the understanding, various kinds, functions to the difference between the two.

Definition of SEO on Page

SEO on page is the SEO process that is carried out only in the internal section of your website. So, in this on page process, you really maximize the SEO process only on the inside of the website without involving outsiders. SEO on page is one of the biggest factors for determining your website ranking. If your off page SEO is good but is not supported by a good on page, then all efforts will be in vain.

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Reporting from Baclinko, SEO on Page is the practice of optimizing content on the website page in order to enter the top ranking of Google and is easily found by users.

Basically, SEO on Page is more focused on how to create content to look SEO-friendly. In another sense, you must understand SEO on Page in order to be able to defeat your website competitors.

According to Digital Institute Marketing, there are some things that must be optimized from SEO on Page:

  • meta description
  • URL Title
  • Alt text for images
  • Internal Link
  • Site Speed

All aspects must be maximized well. For example, in the meta description that you write must be in accordance with the applicable SEO rules. For example, there must be a keyword in it and not too long.

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This is done so that users are easy to find your website in the Google search engine.

Not only that, other aspects such as URL Title, Tag Title, etc. must also be maximized well. Don’t forget, to put the internal link in every content that you create on the website.

Internal links are links or links that are implanted in one content and will lead to other content on one website.

By doing that consistently, slowly your website will be raised.

Definition of SEO Off Page

Unlike the SEO on page which focuses on internal websites, SEO off pages are more focused on external.

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Reporting from Neil Patel, SEO Off Page is an activity carried out to optimize websites from outside.

In another sense, SEO off pages can also be considered as a way to promote a website by doing link building, backlinks, and so on.

Backlink is a link that is embedded in another website and will lead to our website. Try to provide backlinks on websites with good quality.

However, be careful in putting backlinks. Do not let too much because it can be considered spam by Google.

Differences in SEO on Page and Off Page

Simply put, SEO on Page makes your content look quality so that it can please readers and can be detected by Google search engines.

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Meanwhile, SEO Off Page makes your website have high credibility so that it gets the trust from Google to be placed in the top ranking.

Both types of SEO must be optimized simultaneously, not just one.

That’s a brief explanation of the two types of SEO. It is important to optimize both of them consistently so that your website can be ranked at the top of the Google search engine.

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