Postknight 2 APK v1.3.2 MOD (Increase Damage/Speed)

Admin August 20, 2022
Updated 2022/08/20 at 4:55 PM
Download Postknight 2.png
Download Postknight 2.png

Different from other games, the role of the Knight in Postknight 2 MOD APK is strange: Delivery of goods to people. Moreover, this game has a series of other funny situations. Let’s explore this amazing game with me!


Postknight 2 is designed with a vertical screen, the character automatically moves from left to right. Your knight must successfully deliver the packages within the allotted time otherwise, you will lose the game.

Not only is it pinched by the limited time of each package, but the road also is not always smooth. The delivery riders will encounter a ton of obstacles, and a horde of monsters wreaking havoc. Of course, to get the package intact and arrive on time, you must fight with them until you get out of the encirclement to continue the journey.

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The main skills of the character during the delivery are Attack, Defense, Recovery. Depending on the situation and obstacles ahead, you can switch back and forth with different skills.

In addition, the secret of invincibility of a Postknight in Postknight 2 is to focus on choosing the right weapon for each case. For example, you have to know when to use Sword, when to use Multipurpose Shield. Because each item has a different destructive power and attack ability. In some cases, Knights even have to combine both Skills and Weapons to create a unique attack/defense combo that cuts down enemies in an instant.

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When successful delivery, you also gain experience points and at some point will be leveled up to the official Postknight. Reaching the highest level is the S rank to officially achieve the Postknight.

Postknight 2 also spans the adventures of Postknight when you gradually unravel the big and small secrets of the kingdom. You’ll trace the treasures of ancient civilizations, and then embark on a cross-country journey through Quiutol, Kurestal, and Helix. Everywhere is a unique and memorable scene.

Graphics and sound

First of all, it must be recognized that the images in Postknight 2 are very beautiful. It’s all just 2D graphics but full of lyrical manga animation. Stretching fields, beautiful cities, green roads, white ice mountains, deep old forests. Each land where you go through has its own terrain and color. The scene of this game is meticulously cared for and invested. You will be immersed in every scene of the game, not just skimming.

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Accompanying it is also the very melodious background music. Sometimes following the knight leisurely on the grasslands, I just want to stay there and watch the clouds and enjoy the scenery because the scenery and music are so poetic.