Outbound Link: Definition, Function, The difference with inbound links

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Outbound Link

Outbound Link – The definition and purpose of Outbound Links itself is another site link directed by articles on a website.

Or another term is a backlink that is commonly known by bloggers or web masters. There is a difference between backlinks and outbound links even though it has the same meaning.

The difference is from the quality of SEO that is influenced by the link itself. Backlink is a blog link that is on other websites.

While outbound links are links that are on the website but lead to other websites.

Outbound Links Simple is a backlink for other websites planted in blog articles.

In addition to outbound links, there are also inbound links that are in blog or website articles but lead to one of the pages of the website or blog as well.

Putting a link to get to another website actually has no effect at all.

Because the website has the intention to connect between other links from one website. There will be a very large network if one website is interconnected online.

Websites that have a high ranking in search engine eyes are Google’s algorithm which has a large network.

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Outbound link is one element of SEO strategy that we can apply to optimize an article.

Specifically, the application of outbound links is part of the tactic link building.

Some parties consider this strategy element to be important to be applied.

Meanwhile, several other parties assume the construction of this kind of link is not so significant.

In fact, building a link like this can add article value and allow articles to get a higher position in Serp.

Well, in this article, Glints will invite you to discuss further about what an outbound link is, the difference with inbound links, its functions, and tips on applying it.

So, let’s just start the discussion.

Outbound link is a SEO strategy that is applied by linking links on our website to go to other websites.

Reporting from Semrush, this kind of link is often used to provide a stronger context in a discussion and provide an audience of other sources to read.

Some parties assume that the application of this kind of link can also be an authoritative data on the facts that the author tries to be stated in an article.

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If you use the Yoast SEO tool to help with the creation of SEO articles, there are two types of outbound links that need to be understood in more detail, namely Followed Links and Nofollowed Links.

Followed Link

Followed link is an outbound link type that allows search engines to follow the links that are linked.

This link is assessed that the Yoast SEO tool can add value to an article. In fact, the link has the potential to make the article achieve a high position in Serp.

Nofollowed Link

Nofollowed Link is a type of outbound link assessed by the Yoast tool is not indexed by Google’s search engine.

Linking the nofollowed link is considered Yoast will not contribute or value anything in the article.

Differences in Inbound Link and Outbound Links

Before distinguishing inbound links and outbound links, it helps us know in advance the difference between internal links and external links.

Internal link is a type of link that will take us to another page, but still on the same website.

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On the other hand, external links are links that will take us to one page on another website.

Well, both inbound links and outbound links, both are included in the external link classification.

In more detail, the difference between inbound links and outbound links is as follows:

  • Inbound Link: The link that is linked to other websites to go to our website. This link is usually also known as backlink.
  • Outbound Link: The link that we linked on our website page that is towards another website page.

Outbound Link Function

Reporting from the source of the semrush, there are at least 4 functions that we will be able to get from the application of outbound links.

The functions referred to from the application of outbound links are as follows.

  1. Strengthening the topic of discussion and adding depth
    One of the advantages of implementing outbound links is that it can show the depth of the topic and strengthen the topic you are writing for the reader.

In addition, this link can also be a signal for Google’s algorithm in order to understand your site better.

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Add value

Webmaster Trend Analyst from Google, John Mueller, said that linking links to other websites is a good way to add value.

Mueller added that such a link will help users to understand more in the discussion in your content.

Building Reader’s Trust

Outbound links can be a reference that is free to be accessed by the reader. From there the reader’s trust will be built on the information you are trying to convey.

Statements, facts, statistics, or other types of information that you describe in your article will have supporting data that is ready to be crosscheck in fact by the audience.

Outbound Links Shown Expertation

Reporting from the Google Search Central Blog page, it is stated that references can be evidence of the statements made by experts (experts) in a field.

With a clear statement from Google regarding the reference, it will be very rash if we do not apply outbound links to the articles that we make.

Effect of Outbound Links on SEO Web

The website ranking and reputation will not be affected by outbound links that are embedded to other websites.

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This is something good because the website will have a trusted source from the banged site. Do not put the link out to the site unless you want to surpass the competitor’s website.

Outbound links that are implanted to other websites. Meanwhile it is necessary to discuss whether the negative and positive effects of outbound links that have a strong influence on SEO.

Outbound link is already a rule from Google that it will provide a juice or pagerank enhancer point to the destination page.

But with a note if the outbound link is dofollow. It’s just that the outbound link will reduce the Google Pagerank point from the page where the installation is often conceptualized by bloggers in Indonesia. Then it is very clear negative influence on SEO.

But the pagerank will not be reduced at all because there is an outbound link.

Another case if a portion of the pagerank on the homepage comes from the article page as well. Pagerank homepage will continue to decrease due to outbound links due to loops.

Imagine, the homepage pagerank is joined in smaller because the article point is one of the contributors.

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That means the article page point is even smaller because the homepage pagerank is still divided into outbound links. Excessively using relevant outbound links and high authority is also unfavorable.

Too many outbound links make the points given to the page will be reduced.

The number of visitors to the articles pages is drastically reduced if the homepage gets a visitor increase. In the end it will definitely lose so that the biggest problem is far more outbound than inbound links.

The story can be better if there are 100 inbound links and four outbound. With a record of the interlinking copy on 100 pages of the article.

So it is certain that the flow of pagerank on the blog itself can be much more awake if the link shows more inbound pages than outbound.

Without worrying about the fall of other pages of pages and can get relevance points as well as trust from outbound links.

But if only a little will not have an influence even though the decreased point will definitely occur. Especially if it is greater to produce relevance points.

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3 Tips for Applying Outbound Links

Some of these points can be your reference in the implementation of outbound link strategies for the articles you are making.

  1. Be careful in applying links
    When applying the link to the article, make sure you don’t do it carelessly, yes.

The link that you apply should look natural and not too much in number.

In addition, the outbound link that you associate in the article is highly recommended from a trusted source.

If you don’t have a trusted site that can be a reference, you should not associate any outbound links in the article.

  1. Identification of regular link damage
    After applying the link, the next thing you should do is check or outbound link health audits regularly.

To identify outbound link health or other types of links, you can use supporting tools such as Semrush, Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, and many more.

From the results of the audit you can see everywhere outbound links that are necessary, corrected, replaced, or removed.

  1. Use the right attributes when doing affiliate marketing
    Outbound links can also be one of the ways that can be pursued when you run an affiliate marketing program through the website.
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Simply put, you sell slot links (or banners) to certain businesses or brands for promotional media.

It is highly recommended that you use the right attributes for the construction of the link.

Some of the attributes that are usually used for this purpose include REL = “NOFOLLOW”, REL = “SPONSORED”, and REL = “UGC”.

Oh yes, you also need to avoid buying and selling backlinks and outbound links for the purpose of increasing the ranking of a website, yes.

From the explanation above, it can be concluded that outbound links are one of the SEO strategies that can have an impact on improving article rankings in Serp.

In addition, outbound links can also be concrete proof of reference to the information that is trying to be conveyed in an article.

Well, if you want to be more proficient in applying SEO skills, you can continue to visit Glints Blog.

There are various trusted articles that can help your content appear on the front page of Google.