MB Whatsapp (MB WA) Apk IOS Download Update Latest Version 2022

Admin June 15, 2022
Updated 2022/06/15 at 3:41 AM
MB Whatsapp

MB WhatsApp is one of the modification applications developed by third parties with the aim of providing interesting features. It is said to be one because you encounter many applications similar to their features and strengths.

WhatsApp itself is better known as WA by some people, is the online message application that is most widely used by smart phone users. Not only Android, but also iPhone users use applications that have long been acquired Facebook.

Total users when viewed from Playstore and Appstore data exceed 7 billion worldwide. This number is classified as fantastic and is the most after YouTube with a figure of more than 10 billion.

Apparently, the large number of users is influenced by various features provided. Besides being used as an online message application, WA is also used for business events by some people. Nowadays, even many people use WhatsApp business for this purpose.

However, the free WA application still provides a variety of interesting features that are very useful. For example are video calls, broadcast messages, voice calls, making groups, and many others.

With this feature, you can use it for free according to their respective functions. Unfortunately, some parties are still not satisfied with the features provided. That is why some WA Mod applications appear that you currently find.

What is mb whatsapp

Maybe many do not know about the Whatsapp Mod application. Actually WA MOD is a WhatsApp application that has been modified by a third party. Therefore, WA Mod is no longer an official application. For example, in the official version you can get it through the Play Store, while the mod version you can get it via the internet.

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One of the most widely used WA mods is MB Whatsapp. But for developers from this application it is not yet known, unlike other WA mods. But clearly, this application has been modified and developed by a third party.

Compared to the official version, many people are more interested and use MB WA. This is because the appearance is similar to iOS. If you know about iOS, it is clear that it looks more attractive than Android.

In fact, not only the appearance, but there are many cool features that can be obtained from MB WA. WhatsApp, the official version is considered nothing.

MB Whatsapp Review

Of the many WA modification applications, MB Whatsapp is still interesting to discuss. Because, many excellent features that can be used. Every available feature can be used for free without having to buy premium or subscribe.

Actually, in terms of features not much different from GB WhatsApp, maybe only a little difference is not too flashy. Both are modified which means not from the official developer.

Please note, the official developer of this online message application is WhatsApp LLC which is still under the auspices of Facebook. Because it is not from an official developer, meaning that it can be categorized as illegal applications.

As you know, using illegal applications is certainly risky, both from the account and device used. Account risk when using MB WhatsApp is permanent banned, while for dangerous devices from the presence of viruses.

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No matter the banned accounts or viruses that will enter the device, the proof is that there are still many who want to use this application. The reason? Of course from the many features that are more complete than the original version.

MB Whatsapp feature

If you’ve ever used WhatsApp Aero, the feature of the WA MOD application is almost the same. But for more details, we will give details that you can make consideration before using MB WhatsApp.

Available iOS themes

The first feature that you can enjoy free is the number of themes available. Various interesting themes you can choose as you wish. Everything is free and still in one file package that you will download later.

Interestingly, there is a theme or appearance of iOS which is the main attraction. Even though you use an Android phone, it’s still a theme like an iPhone. As you know, the iOS theme is far more interesting and elegant than Android.

Larger shipping capacity

The next MB WhatsApp feature is to provide a greater shipping capacity. You certainly know that WA allows each user to send various types of files, both in the form of photos, documents, and videos.

Unfortunately, there are limited capacity when you do it. This limit does not affect if you send a photo file, still very troublesome if you send a video because you have to compress it first.

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See the message deleted

Messages deleted by the sender before reading often make me curious. Some people are even willing to ask the sender directly. A little embarrassed of course because it could be unimportant or has nothing to do with you.

At this time it is no longer the case if you use MB WhatsApp, where you can restore the message even though it has been deleted. Just by opening the message then click Restore, you can restore the deleted message.

Hide online status

For those of you who don’t want to be disturbed by other people or certain people, this WA Mod application seems to be suitable. How not, the next feature you get is hiding online status. That is, even though you are online and open WA, the status bar is still inactive.

Limit who can contact

If hiding is still not enough, you can limit anyone who can contact you. This MB Whatsapp feature is the most sought after by those who want to be far from the ex because they don’t want to remember their past.

Continue inactive messages

Most WA MOD APK features are not far from things related to privacy. Apart from what has been mentioned earlier, another feature is to deactivate the message. That is, the message you send to other people or groups cannot be continued by other users.

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Other features MB Whatsapp

As mentioned above, that MB WA has an attractive appearance. The top, there are features that make it easy for you to find a chat WA message or called the Search Bar feature. Then at the bottom there is a message tab, status, camera, and settings.

In addition to some features that you already know often, it turns out that in MB WhatsApp it can also change a lot of themes. You can also hide messages, even though the numbers are very large. What is clear, all the features available in WA MB are not much different from other WA mods.

Below are already available some interesting features from MB WA that you can read and consider. All of these features you can’t even find in the official version. Like what the MB WA features are, the following are:

  • Send a message without saving a number
  • Can determine anyone who can call you or can’t call you
  • Turn off the opponent chat delete the message
  • Turn off the Last Seen your contact
  • Hide online status
  • Has more than 3,000 interesting themes
  • Can send images with a size of more than 30 MB
  • Disabling the message continues when you continue the message
  • Hide multimedia files in your gallery,
  • And many more.

But what you need to understand is, the use of WA MOD also has a number of risks. Because WhatsApp itself continues to monitor the user who cheats. So the risk when you use WA MOD is temporarily blocked, or even permanent.

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Download MB Whatsapp iOS Latest 2022

Let’s just say you are interested after knowing the various features and advantages. Therefore, please directly use it. But beforehand, of course you need to download the file first.

This application is not in Playstore, so we will provide a download link MB Whatsapp through this chapter. For the file itself has gone through a scanning process, so it is still possible. To be more sure, please scan it yourself and use antivirus.

  • Name MB Whatsapp
  • Version V.8.87
  • Size 56 MB
  • Minimum OS OS 5.0+


How, are you interested in using MB WA? If so, you can immediately use it easily. But before that you have to pay attention to, namely that the application you cannot find in an official market like the Play Store or App Store.

In addition, this application has a size of around 56 MB. Then this application can be installed on all devices, Android and iOS, but the Android used is a minimum of version 5 and above.

For those of you who are interested in using the application, you can download it through a browser. You don’t even need to bother looking for it anymore. Because above has been provided the download link.

How to Install Mb Whatsapp iOS on Android

When you use the official version of WhatsApp, you just download it from the Play Store and will be installed automatically. But when you use the modification version, you must install it manually.

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Actually, the manual install process is not difficult and very easy. Even for those of you who are still newbie can also do it, as long as you know the tutorial. Here is an easy way to install MB WhatsApp manually:

  • First, you download the file via the link above,
  • Then, you enter the option to the settings,
  • Then you can enter the security and privacy options,
  • After that, you activate the source not known or unknown source,
  • Next you enter the file manager application,
  • Then look for the download folder,
  • Then you look for the MB Wa IOS APK file,
  • You click and start installing the application,
  • You wait a few moments until the installation of the application is successful,
  • Done.

Before downloading the file that provides above, make sure you use an Android phone. The reason is, for the current iPhone device is still not available. You can see this from the extension, which is in the form of APK.

Apart from the problem, the installation process on the device is much different if you install it directly through Playstore. A little more difficult, but not too difficult after you listen to how to install MB WhatsApp on Android below!

How to update mb whatsapp

Although only a modification application, but the third developer always updates the application. Every time the original WA update, a few days later this modification version will be updated too.

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The aim is to reduce the risk of banned and also update the features provided. Because of the importance of this, you should also update the MB Whatsapp Mod application by following the following steps!

  • Open the application.
  • Press the three vertical point icon.
  • Choose settings.
  • Scroll a little down, then select Update.
  • If the information appears that the application needs to be updated, please click.
  • The process will run automatically after you click the link in question.

How to use mb whatsapp

After you know how to install it, now you also have to know how to use it. Basically, how to use MB WA is not much different from the official version. Starting from registering the cellphone number first, to how to use it. But to make it clearer, you see the way below:

  • After the MB WA application is installed, then you open the application,
  • After that, you are asked to enter your cellphone number as well as a verification code,
  • Then you enter the verification code sent via SMS in your number.
  • Next, the application will open,
  • Then you can enjoy the existing features,
  • Done.


If you are bored with the usual version of WhatsApp, you can try using WhatsApp Mod. Then one of the most popular used is MB Whatsapp. What is the version of WhatsApp like that, see until it’s finished.

As is known, WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging applications in the world. This is evidenced by many people who ask WA numbers compared to telephone numbers. In addition, the features in it are also quite complete. That is why this application is used by many people. Apart from the features, ease, speed, and stability of the application which is the main attraction.

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If in the past there was BBM that dominated instant messages, now there is a better WhatsApp than BBM. Even WA is called very minimal disturbance, unlike BBM. For example is in the checklist, there is almost no interference from the server. If WA checks one, it means that WhatsApp users are inactive.

But if examined deeper, it turns out WhatsApp is not 100%perfect. Surely you have also wished about the application. One example is WA has a limit in sending images, then the image will break if sent via WA. This sometimes makes users bored.

Therefore, there are currently a lot of WhatsApp Mod that is trending and used by many people. WA MOD has more features than the usual version. So you can be more free to use this application. Intrigued by the WA MOD, therefore you refer to the full explanation in this article.

Using the WA Mod application is very fun because many interesting features can be used. Moreover, all of these features are free, as provided by MB WhatsApp. But it’s good if you are careful in using it so you don’t get banned from an official developer.