How to top up stumble guys using credit, Dana, ovo and others

Admin June 19, 2022
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How to top up stumble guys

How to top up stumble guys – Stumble guys are a game that is being hit and viral today. Not only in Indonesia, but this game is also famous throughout the world. No wonder on the internet many people are looking for ways to top up the stumble guys game to continue the game or start a new game.

If you are also looking for information on how to top up the stumble guys game, you must read this article until it’s finished. Because here the admin will review a number of ways to do a safe and inexpensive way to top up stumble guys.

As we know that the price of Top Up Stumble Guys Item is quite expensive. Therefore here the admin will share information about how to top stumble guys at a very affordable price.

Who doesn’t like cheap products, of course you want it. Calculate to save money or save money. Can still play stumble guys with cheaper taruf.

More curious about how to top up stumble games, consider the next informais only in this article.

What is the Game Stumble Guys

Before we immediately discuss about how to top up stumble guys, it’s good we first acquaintance with the game stumble guys. do not know, then do not love. Maybe there is a newbi who is the first time you want to play the game stumble guys mod, can refer to this information first.

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Stumble guys are simple but tense online games. In this game will be a cartoon who must be prepared in all the challenges given. You must also be able to reach the finish line before others.

It’s not easy to reach the finish line. There are many challenges that you must pass, besides that you also have to compete with many people in one room game that also seizes the same thing, which is to be one that survives and reaches the finish quickly. This game has graphics and the concept of the game is not playing games.

Kmau must be smart to imagine the strategy to quickly finish finishing and becoming the only person who can survive. As a leak to quickly get to Garus finish, you have to upgrade the player’s skills and have several special items.

This special item cannot be obtained for free, but you have to buy it. You can buy Gems, Tokens and other items needed directly at the Stumble Guys store or through the Outmail of Online Game Item Shop.

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How to play stumble guys

Did you know that this Stumble Guys game can be played by a large number of players up to 32 players. Yes, in one room the game Stumble Guys Game can fit up to 32 players.

The way to play this game is the only last person who can survive until the end of the game. This exciting game can be downloaded via Android, PC or iOS. Those who like more Lebara screens will play this game on a PC or laptop, but there are also those who play it on Android.

For the legal version, you can download the Stumble Guys application on the Play Store or on the official Stumble Guys website on the internet. Can be installed on smartphones, iOS and also on PCs.

Is it difficult to play stumble guys? Sebalum playing this game, it helps you know first first gameplay from Stumbel Guys and you also have to use the cool and attractive stumble guys.

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Stumble guys game is almost the same as Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Where 32 players play in one room game, it looks terrible sedit if we imagine this game is a real thing. Where 32 people have to compete to death to be able to survive. Surely there is a point where, you must kill your opponents in order to survive.

But take it easy, in online games are not real ornag but you will become a cartoon character who competes with 31 other kertun figures. All players in the game room have the ambition to defend themselves so as not to be eliminated.

This game is also equipped with levels that must be diluted. The higher the level, the more difficult the challenges that must be passed. Each level has each other’s difficulties. If you want to be the last person, aka the winner, you have to get ready to be able to conquer all obstacles at every level of stumble guys.

There are easy things that can help and you win faster and reach the finish, namely by using items from Stumble Guys. But not free. You have to buy it. Well below this admin has recommended how to top up stumble guys at a cheaper price.

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Not just one, but there are several ways that the admin has reviewed. You can choose which one is cheap and easy for you.

How to top up stumble guys

The first way is and Abisa immediately top -up through the Stumble Guys application is Senidri. No need to be confused, if you don’t know how to follow the steps below.

Also read how to top up gem and token in cheap stumble guys
The price in the application is quite cheap compared to the store or outlets of other stumble guys items.

  • Please install the Stumble Guys application, then open the Stumble Guys application on your cellphone.
  • Enter the main homepage, then click the store menu.
  • Then select the purchase item.
  • Choose what items will you buy. Many items you can choose from skin, offers or gems according to your needs.
  • Next is to choose the number of items to be purchased. The price is listed under the item. The bus select according to your budget, bro.
  • Next click okay.
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If you buy through the Stumble Guys application, the payment can be made through Google Play. Can also pay through other payment methods such as Telkomsel pulses, Indomaret, Shopeepay to funds.

How to top up stumble guys on codashop

To find the price comparison of the top up stumble guys, and Abisa is to make a codashop to top up. Codashop outlets on the internet are famous for the cheap price.

If you want to find out in more detail prices to stumble guys, please visit the link ( The kage will be connected directly to the website.

If you have entered the official web site page, please click the search menu and enter the keyword ‘stumble guys’. You can also search for this game manually on the game menu.

When you have found the Top Up Stumble guys menu, the next is to enter the User ID and Zone ID from the Stumble Guys game. Choose items that you will use for top up, can get, skin or offers. Then select the transaction method. You can choose one of the transaction methods. Just a minute until the skin or item from stumble guys made it into your account.

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How to top up stumble guys at Unipin

Besides Codhashop, the next top up game outlet is that you can top up stumble guys through Unipin. How to ? Please follow the guidelines below:

  • Please open the Unipin website first on the internet
  • Then log in with your Unipin account. If you don’t have an account, please create an account first.
  • After successfully entering the Unipin website, you can enter the search column and way stumble guys
  • Or it could be by searching directly the stumble guys menu
  • The beaters enter the user ID and ID zone id stumble guys you have
  • Select the nominal top up and the payment method.
  • Complete the payment and select the available payment method.
  • Wait until the item goes to your ID or account.

According to the experience of Codashop and Unipin gamers is an online game top up outlet on the web site that has the cheapest price compared to other outlets. To prove it you can try to follow the guidelines above.

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How to top up stumble guys using Telkomsel, Dana and shopeepay

Besides through Codashop and Unipin, there are other ways you can do to top up stumble guys, namely through ewallet such as Dana , shopee pay, and also using Telkomsel.

How to? The following admin has reviewed completely. Please follow the tutorial.

  • You can top up via ewallet such as funds, shopee pay and Telkomsel pulses directly in the Sumble Guys application. First, please open the Syumbled application guys
  • Then enter the game dashboard section, then select ‘store’ according to the image instructions.
  • Choose items that you think need to be purchased such as skins, offers, or gems
  • If you buy 250 gems the price is Rp. 12,000.
  • You will be directed payment through Google Play media. Select another payment channel.
  • There are various kinds of payment media such as Telkomsel, Dana, Shopeepay, or Pay at Indomaret. Choose only one.
  • Then you have to add a Google Play payment method by entering Telkomsel number, account number or shopeepay. If you choose to pay at Indomaret, you can immediately get a virtual account payment at the cashier.
  • With this method you can do a cheap top up ff too, bro, 2k Indosat pulses, 100MB internet quota bonus
  • If the payment has been successful next you only need to press the buy with one click. Don’t forget to enter the password from the Gmail address on Google Play that you use.
  • If the credit balance, ewallet fund or shopeepay is sufficient, then the payment will be successful in a matter of seconds.
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That’s the easy way to top up stumble guys. Can be done in various ways according to what the admin has described above. How are you interested?

Please choose one of the ways that the admin has reviewed, hopefully you get the right price.


That’s all the information that the admin can explain about how to top up stumble guys, online games that are being hits and are widely discussed by gamers around the world. Good luck and good luck. Don’t forget to read our other collection of articles.

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