How to get lots of off Page SEO Backlinks

Admin June 16, 2022
Updated 2022/06/16 at 11:52 AM
off Page SEO Backlinks

Off Page SEO Backlinks – Many people today understand how SEO works, both on-page and off-page. There are many easy ways to be able to win the top page. But for those who want to do it yourself, also not so difficult.

Dummy Blog

Dumy’s blog is the main thing you need to make for your online shop website backlink. For example, you create a cheap online shirt shop website, then create a dumy blog that contains content that has an anchor link that leads to your online store website. Use several free blog providers so that without spending more capital, for example WordPress, Blogger,, Livejurnal, BlogDetik, and so forth.

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Social Bookmark

Social Bookmark is a website platform that provides the main features to spread your article. So you can submit your online store website on the social bookmark. So that your online store website is easy to find on search engines even though it is not directly to your website. However, the good news is that if there is a lot of sharing on social books continuously, the referral domain will continue to increase.

Social media

Social media is a platform that you must use to make your “pond” marketing for example creating a special page to spread promotional links or articles that can be reached by everyone who visits your social media social media.

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Forum is a direct advertisement with buyers because in the buying and selling forum we will get many visitors who are interested in your online shop website product. In addition, here we will also get a lot of domain references so that the website ranking on search engines becomes more up. The easiest thing to get many targeted visitors is to create a thread posting on forums related to your website, or it can also be in the buying and selling forums.

Web 2.0,. Edu, and .gov backlinks are one of the good ways to improve your online shop’s online shop website. By creating a blog, profile page, review, to comments on each website 2.0,. Edu, and .gov. This is actually an easy way to get a lot of quality backlinks and can rank your website ranking. But it must be remembered not to do spamming because the pain is painful that your online store website will be deindex, meaning that it will not be detected again with search engines.

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SEO On-Page and SEO Off-Page must be optimized in order to get a lot of visitors and increase website ranking. Who does not want to rank the website in the eye search engine 4,5,6,7,8? Surely all the answers want. The easiest way to make a pagerank and get a lot of crowded visitors is to keep updating your website and the optimization of the structure and backlinks mentioned above. Rest assured, every outcome will not betray the effort we are working on, so SEO will not be separated from the business that we have made optimally.