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Gb Whatsapp

Gb Whatsapp – Almost all Indonesian people actively use communication media such as WhatsApp to support daily activities. But to cupba new things, you can download the latest GB Whatsapp 2022 with the original WA GB link that we will provide for free.

The previous WhatsApp application also has many features, but by using the GB WhatsApp Pro APK application you will find more of the latest features that are diverse compared to the original WA application.

At present the field of communication in digital times really needs an instant messenger application or social media network. Besides offering convenience and having many features available. However, each of these platforms has several weaknesses, this also makes the emergence of various modification applications such as WA GB.

But this time you will not find this application on the AppStore or Google Playstore, for that refer to the technology news that we will provide along with the download link so that you can use all the existing features.

Get to know the WA GB application

GB WhatsApp or WA GB is a communication application that has been modified by a third party that includes interesting features in the application. With this modification aims to perfect features that were previously not in the usual WhatsApp application.

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In addition, the developer also creates the latest features which will certainly support your communication activities easier and more practical. For example, you can install two accounts in one smartphone at once.

For those of you who feel bored because of the same WhatsApp appearance, then you can change the theme into the theme that you like without any terms and conditions.

That is one of the features that makes other people curious to download and use the latest WhatsApp GB in 2022. For those of you who have downloaded it, you have their own satisfaction because it has downloaded this application.

There are still many features that will make you amazed by this application, here we will summarize the explanation so that you can use these features after downloading the GB WA application.

Latest features of GB Whatsapp Pro Apk

For those of you who have used WhatsApp Mod before you don’t need to be confused about how to operate the WA GB application this time because the application is the same, only different in the features and appearance that is increasingly attractive.

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But we need to remind you that the application modification by a third party so that it is feared that there is a banned threat, so that you must be careful in using this application.

Don’t worry, we will provide tips and tricks that you can apply to operate the GB WA safely, following the review below.

There is an application key function

Providing multiple security to social media applications such as WA, IG, Line, etc. is a natural thing. The reason is, we do not know how fun friends in our environment there are those who deliberately read the privacy chat room, some deliberately upload bad photos in our status.

Well, that’s what we should avoid by locking applications like the WhatsApp application on your smartphone. To avoid things that are not desirable so you can use the latest features on this one.

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Can Multi Whatsapp Account

Do you know what is meant by multi -account? What is meant by multi -account is that you can operate two different WA accounts using one cellphone.

Usually called a business account, so it does not interfere with personal account contacts such as when communicating with dear lover, family, and colleagues. Of course this is very useful because you can sort out business accounts and personal accounts.

Offering various types of themes

The GB WhatsApp Pro APK application provides various types of themes that you can apply as you wish, without any limits on terms and conditions that you must fulfill to apply funny and interesting themes.

This is certainly different from the WA Official application which only provides two types of themes namely Black and White. With a look like that will certainly be boring especially for you active WA users.

So as not to be boring, you just choose which themes you like then you can apply easily. How, interesting right?

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Can send files in large quantities

The next feature is that you can send files such as photos and videos in large quantities exceeding the file shipping capacity limit in the previous WA application. Of course this makes it easy for you to send a document for example for school or college assignments, and office assignments that require a lot of storage space.

In the previous WA application, you can only send photos with a total of 10 images in one shipment. However, by using this WhatsApp GB you can send up to 90 photos in one shipment. Of course this feature shortens the time of your work.

Able to hide a check mark in the room chat

You certainly already know that the WA Official application can also hide the gray and blue checklist or checklist as an indicator of the message has been sent and read.

However, these indicators can differ in meaning in this latest WA application. Check one gray which usually means the message is not sent if the application may be read the message but it has not been bales.

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The indicator will change if you’ve replied to the message, well, isn’t it different from the previous feature? That’s why you need to know the features available.

Can reply to automatic messages

This feature can usually be found in WA Business which is usually set in online shops to reply to our chat quickly. In fact, you can set the message when it will be sent and to whom the number is aimed.

You can arrange it easily including the contents of the message to be sent, it will certainly make it easier for you to save time and energy in matters of replying to WA messages.

Can download WhatsApp status (Snapwa)

The last feature is very useful especially for women who usually update the status in WA. Well, you can download the Story WA your contact partners if there is a status that you like or want to share again.

That way you don’t need a third party application to download it, just click the download button then the status will be stored in your smartphone gallery.

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The difference between the official wa and gb whatsapp apk

For those of you who have difficulty finding the difference between the two types of WA applications below we summarize briefly.

GB WhatsappWhatsapp Official
Can lock the application and chat only locks the application
Provides various themes and free there are 2 dark and bright themes
Able to read messages that have been deleted deleted messages cannot be seen
Can reply to automatic messages can’t reply to automatic messages
Can download photos & video stories not available features to download Story WA
Send up to 90 photos once shipping only 10 photos in one sendupload video story maximum 30 seconds
Upload video story to 7 minutes Unggahan video story maksimal 30 detik
Font varies and can customize standard fonts

WA GB Download Link & How to Install the Gb Whatsapp Application

After reviewing the reviews and interesting features offered by this WA MOD application, surely you can’t wait to get the download link. The following download link that you can use safely.

  • GB Whatsapp Pro Application Name
  • Apk file size 53 MB
  • The latest version is currently v19.00
  • Requires Android OS System 4.5
  • The number of users 10,000,000+
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After successfully doing the download process you can install and update the application periodically so that the features are updated to avoid the application bug. Next we will provide how to install the WhatsApp GB application easily, see the steps below:

Make sure your smartphone is connected to a stable internet when making a process of downloading the application.
If the download process is complete then you can start the install process by clicking Security and Privacy.
Then, find the option to activate unknown sources and continue by selecting the File Manager menu.
Click the Download Folder Find the APK GB WhatsApp file.
Then click the download button, wait until the installation process is finished.

Tips for using a safe Whatsapp GB application

If you have doubt and worry when using this GB WA application you can adjust it easily, here we will give the tips:

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Don’t use the main number

The first tip, for those of you who have doubts for fear of being hit by banned if you use the main number you can try with a backup number. Which if exposed to banned you are not too panicked, the reason is if it has been affected by it, the number will disappear along with WA accounts and contact data stored.

You can apply this if you’re worried that your account or main number will be banned because we don’t know when it will happen. So, it’s better to stand guard than in a hurry.

Use features properly and correctly

With the latest interesting features will certainly make us as new users curious and want to try to apply all these features.

That is what will make certain parties suspicious of the appearance that changes every time (excessive). For that, you must limit yourself when using existing features.

Always update the WA GB application

For the latter so that you are safe to use this WA GB application, you need to update the application regularly. This aims to overcome errors in the application.

Surely you already know very well, that all applications or game modifications are certainly not entirely perfect. This is due to the limitations of knowledge and systems to modify it. Therefore developers also always update the system on the GB WhatsApp application.

Such is enough for our review that can be conveyed about the GB WA application that is always sought after by people because of its very helpful function, hopefully this article can be useful for all friends, thank you.