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Admin June 15, 2022
Updated 2022/06/15 at 3:17 AM
FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp is a modification whatsapp application that is widely used by users. Because, this application provides many interesting features and is different from WhatsApp Original. Besides FMWhatsApp, several other WA mods that you can use are GB WhatsApp, RA WhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp, WhatsApp Aero and so on.

And almost all WhatsApp mods are very popular and widely used by users today. Talking about FMWhatsApp, there are many interesting features that you can use. In addition, this application is free to use now. FM WA is still widely sought after by users today. And interesting again, FMWhatsApp always gives the latest version to be used for free.

FM WhatsApp itself has reached version 9.29 which is much sought by the user. And of course in this update there are many advantages that you can find in it. How to use FMWhatsApp is very easy and if you are interested in using this application we will give a review in detail. So, please refer to the explanation below.

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About FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp is a modification whatsapp application made by third parties. This application often shares the latest version that you can use. Lots of Whatsapp Mod lovers to meet the needs of communication. FM WA is equipped with a variety of cool and sophisticated features that can be accessed for free. In addition, how to use it is no different from WhatsApp Original.

FM WhatsApp was developed by Fouad Mods which is known to be very expert in modifying WhatsApp. Therefore, the features provided by this application are very diverse and different from the original version. No wonder, many people use WA Mod to get more and satisfying service.

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In addition, FMWA has a lightweight size and will not make your smartphone’s performance down. And certainly will not burden the device that you use later. Of the many WA MODs, FM WhatsApp is widely chosen by users to be used directly. Know some of the cool features in FMWA, below.

FM WhatsApp feature

FM WhatsApp version 9.29 offers more updates than previous versions. That way, it will make it easier for you to communicate later. The features that are presented you can access for free without difficulty anymore. Therefore, if you are curious to know in advance some of the features in FMWhatsApp are as follows.

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Theme choices

For those of you who are easily bored with the appearance of the theme presented by WhatsApp. So, FMWA can be used to use all types of available themes. You can determine which type of theme to be used. In addition, all the themes given you can access for free. Therefore, determine now.

Font choice

And other interesting things that you can find in this application are font choices, just like above if you are easily bored with the usual font display. So, you can change it directly through this FM WA. There are so many choices of fonts that can be determined freely. And make chat activities even more exciting.

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Interesting emoticons

Another interesting thing, FM WhatsApp also provides a lot of emoticon choices that can be used freely. You can send the emot to friends as a form of expression. When compared to the original version, the original WA version provides less emoticons.

Custom Notification

FMWhatsApp also provides custom notification features that can manage notifications freely to users. For example, to hide status, hide typing, hide online status, manage notifications and so on.

Send Message Without Save Numbers

By using FMWA this allows you to be able to send messages without easily save numbers. Usually, to send messages on WA you will be asked to save the target number first. However, it is different if you use this FMWA, you can send it directly without having to save the number.

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Application key option

Another excellent feature that you can get is a privacy feature that is difficult to find on WhatsApp Original. Because, in FM WhatsApp it has more security systems and benefits for locking applications such as fingerprint scanners, passwords, and verification code.

Anti Delete Message

Anti -delete feature This message is useful for reading messages that have been deleted by the sender. Therefore, you can read it easily even though it has been deleted by the sender. And this advantage is not easy to find in the original version, so makes it easier for you to read every deleted message.

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Anti -banned

Of course this application has been equipped with anti -banned features, so that it will make it easier for you to operate it directly without any more difficulties. If you are still hesitant to use this FMWA, you can download it directly because the developer has provided anti -banned features.

Of course there are many other advantages that can be obtained through this FMWhatsApp. You can use it freely, for chatting activities even more exciting than before. Well, if you are interested we will share the download link below.

Download FM Whatsapp v9.29

FM WhatsApp v9.29 is a lot of updates in it, because the update given has not been released to the public. Therefore, you can use it directly. Many citizens are looking for the FMWhatsapp download link version 9.29 to be used to communicate later. Therefore, if you are curious we will share the download link FM WA

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How to install FM Whatsapp APK

If you are Whatsapp Mod users, of course you are familiar with how to install the application. The method is very easy, and done manually. For more details, please refer to the explanation as follows.

  • The first step, please download FM Whatsapp v9.29 by pressing the download button above
  • After that, enter the settings on each cellphone
  • Next, click on security & privacy options and check the unknown source
  • Then enter the file manager and find download downloads earlier
  • Please click the Install button
  • Wait for the installation results to finish
  • Done

If the process is complete, you can already use the FMWhatsApp application that you use. Feel the many advantages given to make it easier for you to communicate later with friends and so on. And all the features provided you can access for free.

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That’s all the reviews about FM WhatsApp to be able to use it right now, don’t forget to download and install the application directly through this article and get a variety of interesting features for free use. Hopefully what we say is useful for everything, that’s all and thank you.