This Is The Difference Between Dofollow and Nofollow Backlinks

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Dofollow and Nofollow Backlinks

Dofollow and Nofollow Backlinks – Backlinks are one of the SEO techniques that are still popular. The thing that is very important and must be understood in the link building process is to recognize the type of backlink. Because, the type of backlink greatly affects the quality of the backlinks that will be obtained later.

This type of backlink is divided into two parts, namely dofollow and nofollow. Well, here we will try to explain both, and the difference between dofollow and nofollow backlinks. Come on, refer to the full information in the following article!

Dofollow backlinks come from English words consisting of the words “do” and “follow” which means “follow”. If there is a link in the article posting to another site with a dofollow backlink type, then the website that gives a dofollow backlink will directly follow the link to the roots.

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So, when Google crawls (crawling) on ​​the article posting on a dofollow backlink. So, automatically search engines will also crawl on the link, because the type of dofollow backlink will crawl to the roots, including the dofollow link contained in the article.

Because of that dofollow backlinks are very often used by bloggers and news websites. This is to boost their website position at the top of the search results.

Benefits of Dofollow Backlinks

Here are the benefits of dofollow backlinks, including:

As a directory and long -term backlink resource
The internet is one of the big data sources that will continue to grow and will always be accessed as a source of information. If you get a high -quality backlink, creating a leading directory and resource site can help direct traffic to your website.

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Get a referral traffic
Because dofollow backlinks are default links, then dofollow backlinks can

Increasing traffic to your site faster and easier.

Speed ​​up the index process
In addition, dofollow backlinks are the fastest backlinks for index by Google because

Its “do” so that Google will increase the ranking of your website on the top page of the search engine.

Increase site credibility
When someone reads content on your blog, and sees a backlink reference to its source or maker, there is a very good opportunity that they will click on the backlink to learn more about who and what is presented in the backlink. This will certainly improve relationships between higher quality sites.

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Building Blog Authority
Getting a dofollow backlink from a popular site is very good for SEO. However, this must also be balanced with the quality of content that is on your site. It also helps create your site as a source of information, and can lead to sites that link to your content, giving you a natural dofollow backlink, which Google likes.

What is Nofollow Backlink?

While the type of backlink nofollow consists of the words “no” and “follow” which means “not following”, in the language we already understand, that when the article posting there is a nofollow backlink when it is crawl, at that time the nofollow link will not be indexed completely on search engines.

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But, that does not mean that nofollow backlinks are not good for the website, because nofollow backlinks are good for balance of dofollow backlinks.

If too much backlink dofollow on a website, then Google can consider it a spam and make your website unable to compete on search engines.

Benefits of Nofollow Backlinks
Here are the benefits of nofollow backlinks, including:

Reducing spam on blogs
With the nofollow backlink, the internet will be protected from the number of spams that can reduce the quality of a blog. Some nofollow backlinks that we often use for purposes such as:

  • Comment link
  • Link to a less trusted site
  • Link Review
  • Affiliate link
  • Make backlinks natural
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You need to know that natural backlinks will be a plus in the development of your website on the search engine page because Google prefers searching manually than dofollow backlinks.

Increase brand strength
When someone reads your blog content, you can quickly identify the backlinks that are seen in the content. When visitors see the name of your brand connected to the content on one of the big sites, of course this will increase the strength of your brand.

Although actually the main focus of backlinks is to improve the organic position of blog search, but this does not necessarily make it the only factor that we can use. Because backlinks, also very instrumental for brand development.

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The difference between dofollow and nofollow backlinks

From here we already know the meaning and benefits of the dofollow and nofollow link. Now, then to better understand the application and structure of the writing code that distinguishes between the two as follows:

Url Tags Rail Dofollow and Nofollow

Actually for the Dofollow link html code structure is automatically automatic if using the blogger or wordpress platform both the same, so you don’t need to set up to the HTML structure.

Examples of Dofollow Backlinks:

Text : <a href=”masukkan url” rel=”Dofollow”>TEXT</a>

Examples of Nofollow Backlinks:

Text : <a href=”masukkan url” rel=”Nofollow”>TEXT</a>

If you want to give a link to your article that leads to other people’s websites, then try to provide outbound links or backlinks with a nofollow link tag type. Because your website will affect the backlink.

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Unless you have a cooperation agreement with others so that it provides a dofollow link that is mutually beneficial is no problem. If seen from the display in the article on a website there is nothing different between the two, but from the Robot Crawler’s eyes both have differences. And of course both function as the same link that is directing visitors to our website.

From the explanation above, we can conclude, that dofollow is a link that has a backlink value on Google. Meanwhile, Nofollow has no value at all in Google’s eyes. Even so, both still have good benefits for a website.

How, the difference between dofollow and nofollow backlinks described above is quite simple, right? From this explanation, more or less now you know which type of backlink is the most influential in Google’s eyes. May be useful!

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