Candy Challenge 3D Mod APK 1.1.79 (Unlimited money)

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Download Candy Challenge 3d.png
Download Candy Challenge 3d.png

Without a doubt, many entertaining games have been released in the recent past. Moreover, developers are continuing to make more games in various categories like racing, arcade, puzzles, adventures, simulation, and more. The most interesting thing is that you can now play games that combine several gameplays and genres.

Candy Challenge 3D by Idil Morgul is such a game that involves various gameplays but in form of mini levels. Here, most mini-games have various challenges that require you to be proactive to win. For example, the Squid Game red light, green light gameplay is featured in this game.

Here, you should remember that you have to look out for changing light colors to survive. The doll, similar to the one in the Squid Game, will not forgive you if you move when the light turns red. There are more special games that you can play, all in this one game.

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The Simulation Game of Many Games

This game is a simulation of many games. There are puzzles to be solved, obstacles to be avoided, and the ultimate Squid Game where survival is the primary goal. besides, other game challenges include getting to the finish line on time, cutting a template within a specified period to save teammates, hopping above a swimming pool on several surfaces without falling into the water, tug of war against a team of strong opponents, and more.

Get the game now and play in many mini-games that will make you want to play even more! Candy Challenge 3D welcomes layers to a new, exciting, and fun game full of many challenges! This incredible game comes with lots of many exciting mini-games.

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In the many challenges that the game has, be careful when making your moves. If you don’t pay attention, you will fail and keep repeating the various game levels to progress! Download the game now and try to outwit the many challenges that are featured here!

Candy Challenge 3D Features

This game comes with many remarkable features that make it stand out in its genre.

Amazing Mini Games – this game is created with many challenges in form of mini-games. Before you continue to the next stage, you need to win in the current game level. This game offers the player stimulating levels that come with distinct challenges.

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At one point, the gamer has to play in a challenge similar to that in the Squid Game. Besides, there are more mini-games such as tugs of war, aiming and throwing sticks at a target, cutting items along indicated edges, and much more. The controls are simple and you will also be fascinated by intriguing 3D graphics in this game.

Stunning 3D Graphics – Candy Challenge 3D game offers simple controls. Since this game comes with many mini-games that have different gameplays, every mini-game has its own controls. However, all the controls are simple and make it easy for gamers to play and win. Control the character to win in various game levels and make your entire team proud.

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For example, the Squid Game mini-game requires you to tap on the screen to go or to stop based on the red or green light. On the other hand, during the tug of war, there will be a bar on the right side of the interface that you will hold and drag downwards to pull.

Electrifying Sounds – this game features captivating soundtracks that help you stay keen and interested in playing even more. In fact, every mini-game has a customized soundtrack that makes it unique in a way!

Various Challenges – Candy Challenge 3D features many game levels that are presented to the gamer in form of challenges. There is a huge range of challenges in the game that you can play without getting bored. Download the game today and immerse yourself in the many refreshing game challenges!

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No Ads – the developer of this game was so selfless to eliminate third-party ads that could as well have earned him some real money! There will be no interruptions when you are playing this game.

Unlimited Money – with every won game challenge, this game offers unlimited money to the player. The money can be used to unlock various in-game items.

Download Candy Challenge 3D Mod APK – Unlimited Money

The Candy Challenge 3D MOD APK comes with lots of unlimited money and has no ads. Download the Candy Challenge 3D Latest Version and enjoy all that the game has to offer!

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