10 New Business Opportunities With Small Capital in 2022

Admin June 17, 2022
Updated 2022/06/17 at 11:51 PM
Business Opportunities

10 new business opportunities with small capital in 2022 – Every year, of course there are new opportunities, especially for businesses in order to reap more profits.

The existence of a 2 -year Pandemic of Lalun, makes us Ita also have to be smart to see and take the opportunity to find additional income.

No wonder, if since Pandemi many people finally decided to start a business.

Either to find the main income or as a side job.

10 Business Ideas That Will Make You Money with small capital in 2022

For those of you who want to try to start a business, here are new business opportunities for 2022 with small capital.

Laundry Services

New business opportunities that you can do in 2022 are laundry services.

This business idea will be very popular if you live in a residential or urban area.

Because high mobility often makes people who live in urban areas do not have time to wash their clothes.

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Therefore, laundry services can be a promising new business opportunity in 2022.

Not much capital, really.

You can use a washing machine at home as initial capital.

At the beginning of running this business, you can inform it to neighbors or the surrounding community.

Don’t forget to also provide attractive promos so that your business is more in demand.


In 2022, it turns out that many you know to adopt pets, especially cats and dogs.

In fact, according to Google Trends, the search for accessories such as necklaces and pet foods has increased.

Well, you can make this as a new opportunity.

Maybe, you can’t directly establish a petshop or vet business, because the capital is certainly big.

As a start, you can have a pet grooming service or animal care.

The service that you can offer is bathing animals, caring for and cleaning their entire body.

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You can also consider offering services to come home.

Besides being more attractive because it helps consumers who are busy, this can also cut capital because you don’t need additional costs to rent a place.

Don’t forget to do marketing on social media as well, for example like promoting your business in Tiktok.

Home decoration material

New business opportunities that you can pioneer in 2022 will be home decoration material.

The reason is, during this Pandemi, many people who inevitably spend more time at home.

Especially with the work system work from home and study system study from home.

In order not to get bored, many people decorate a house, especially rooms, to change the atmosphere at home.

Well, you can prepare all those needs by selling home decoration materials, such as bed sheets, curtains, pillowcases, ornamental plants, and so forth.

In addition, you can also sell room accessories such as chandeliers, stickers, or even paintings.

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If you have hand skills, of course it can make it yourself and make capital much smaller.


Still related to the state of Pandemi, now many people are reluctant to leave the house.

Apart from wanting to avoid the crowd, it could also be because they were too comfortable at home.

Well, you can take advantage of this phenomenon by running jastip as a new business opportunity in 2022.

For example, you can go to the mall, or a place, then offer friends to leave the items they want.

Later, you can benefit from the difference in price, or service fees.

But, it should be noted that when undergoing this you must continue to run the health protocol.

Always wear your mask and do physical distraction.

In addition, it would be better if you have your own vehicle, so in one way if you can go to several places safely and comfortably.

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In fact, you can save transportation costs, you know.

As a first step you can offer your close friends first about this jastip.

Promote your entrusted services to your followers on social media.

Teaching Services

The next new business opportunity that you can apply in 2022 will be teaching services.

Of course, teaching referred to here is teaching online.

Yes, right, when Pandemi took place, many activities were carried out at home.

In fact, there are also many seminars conducted via Zoom or Google Meet.

Well, not only that, because it spends a lot of time at home, not a few people who take the time to learn new things.

Therefore, if you have the ability in a field, do not hesitate to do teaching services online.

The capital you need in doing this business is only access or the internet network to keep you online.

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In fact, many make this a side business, you know.


Furthermore, you can make this new business opportunity as an idea in starting a business in 2022.

Yes, being a reseller or running a dropshipper business is rife, especially with the development of online businesses during this Pandemic.

If you are a beginner in running a business, resellers or dropshipper are highly recommended.

Because, these two businesses are considered to have small capital, and also the risk of loss is also low.

Not only that, being a reseller and dropshipper is also easier to do because you do not directly produce products.

As for both of them, even though they both sell other products, but they work differently.

By becoming a reseller, you usually have to stock some products first before being sold.

Now, by becoming a dropshipper, you usually only have the duty to promote the goods, if later there are buyers you will forward it to the supplier.

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After paying the payment, the supplier will send the product to the customer, by including your name as the seller.

Compost fertilizer

Next is compost that you can make as a new business opportunity profitable in 2022.

This is also still related to the current state of Pandemi.

While at home alone, many people do many activities at home, one of which is farming.

So therefore, pioneering the agricultural business can also be a promising business in the future.

Not only that, you can also do it with small capital, by utilizing household waste at home.

Yes, you can make compost from your own, especially if you have a large area at home.

Healthy food

The next new business opportunity is to sell healthy food.


The reason is that food, there must be a lot of competitors, but not with healthy food.

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Healthy food is considered to have more niche markets, or you could say the market is less.

But, that does not mean that the market potential is low, even the prospects of this business in the future are very good, you know.

Especially now that many people have paid more attention to health, and choose to eat healthier foods.

Herbal Drinks

The number of people who are aware of the importance of health, therefore in addition to healthy food, they also stock some vitamins or supplements.

But, as Indonesians, many of them still rely on herbal drinks, which come from natural ingredients such as ginger, turmeric, lemongrass and so forth.

Therefore, you can also enter this business and start pioneering by selling herbal products, especially drinks such as herbal medicine.

You can buy your own products, or you can also be a reseller/dropshipper.

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Digital Marketing Services

The last new business opportunity that you can try is digital marketing services.

Meanwhile, now with the development of digital technology, many businesses are switched to the world of digit.

Well, therefore digital marketing is also rife.

Every business must have the right digital marketing strategy, creative, and of course different from the others.

Unfortunately, not everyone understands and understands the digital world in marketing.

Therefore, if you have the ability in this field, it never hurts to open digital marketing services, to help business people who find it difficult to run it.

You can also do it remotely, and deal with clients through online.

That is a new business opportunity for 2022 that you can choose to later become a business idea to be applied.

Keep in mind that in running a business, you need sufficient venture capital.

Business capital is important so that operational activities, production and promotions can run optimally.